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Year 2 - Joseph wright

Welcome to Year 2 - Joseph Wright!

Joseph Wright are a hardworking, passionate and an enthusiastic class that have a deep love for learning!

Look at our class page to see what we have been up to!


We have been very lucky to have taken part in the roadshow set by Derby county. We have taken part in team building/ orienteering activities, developing communication and social skills. 


Thank you Derby County, we have loved it!

The Plague!


Our topic for this half-term is 'The Plague'! 


In this topic we will be thinking about people that help during times of pandemics and wars.

We will be learning about the nurses from the past and how they have helped to shape the health care of today. We will be learning about Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. We will be thinking about these brave heroes from the past and comparing them with our heroes today that have helped us during Covid 19! During this topic we will be touching on women's rights and equality.


National Nurses Day! 

We have had a nurse come into school to talk about the job of a nurse. We have enjoyed listening to all the important job a nurse has. We have had a look at all of the equipment a nurse may need and how it is used. We even got the opportunity to share our experiences of being in a hospital and ask questions.

Our Trip to Eyam! 


Here are some pictures from our trip to Eyam. We learnt so many things on our trip. We went to the museum where were learnt lots about the plague. We found lots of similarities between the great plague and Covid 19. We had a walk around the village and got a chance to compare it to Chaddesden. We found that Eyam only had two very small shops and one little post office. We even saw a really small school during our walk. We enjoyed looking inside Eyam’s church and spoke about why it was very similar to St Mary’s Church.

Reading Garden!


Aside from the sheer joy of exercising the imagination, research shows reading for pleasure improves literacy, social skills, health, and learning outcomes.


To promote and encourage reading in Year 2 we have built a reading garden! Have a look! 

Africa! Roar! Roar! 
This half-term our topic was 'Africa'. We explored the maps of the world looking at the continents, zooming into Africa'. We enjoyed learning lots of facts about the life in Kenya and compared it to our lives. 

                                                                   Happy Easter!


We have had a great time in school celebrating Easter! We have made our Easter baskets and went on an Easter Hunt! The Easter bunny left us so many chocolate eggs! 

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