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Ethos and Values


Ethos and Values


The mission statement of Meadow Farm School is ‘Confident, Caring and Accomplished Learners’, a statement which is at the heart of our the ethos and values. We aspire for all our children to leave the school well prepared for life in modern Britain.


To achieve this we are committed to:


Providing a happy, safe, caring and well-structured learning environment for every child, to educate and inspire them to achieve their full potential now, and in their lifelong learning journey.


Develop each child socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. We want all our children to feel positive about their own self-worth and that of others. To be good citizens, recognise and value a sense of rights and their responsibilities within society, including having respect for: the law, other religions, languages and cultures. We want to inspire pupils to feel motivated, stimulated and confident in the world in which we all live in.


We are a fully inclusive school, working closely with parents, governors and the community as a whole to provide the best and equal opportunities for all our children, at all times.


Through these commitments we believe our children can learn the necessary relevant skills and become lifelong learners, well prepared to take their place as ‘Confident, Caring and Accomplished Learners’ in an ever changing, technological and multicultural modern Britain.

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