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Year 1 - Florence Nightingales


The Florence Nightingales are an excitable, curious class with a love for learning! 

Have a look at our class page to see what we have been learning!

Welcome to Year 1!

Our topic this half term is 'I'm Making History'! Please take a look at our topic web to find out what we will be getting up to!

Please see the newsletter below for Autumn 1 outlining any important information you may need to know.

Home Learning! 

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of Covid-19, our children are now being educated at home. We are using Class Dojo to set work and provide help and information to parents and carers. If your child is not set up on Class Dojo, please contact the class teacher for a code. Lot's of these websites also provide an app version for phones and tablets! 


Below are listed websites that can help your child with their home learning:

Spring 2


Vile Victorians


This half term we will be transforming ourselves back in time to the Victorian era! We will be experiencing life as Victorian children at school, working and also as rich Victorian children! We will be taking a trip to Sudbury Hall where we will learn more about Victorian life- we might even get the chance to climb up a chimney! 


Our class text this half term is 'The Railway Children' and we will be reading it, comprehending the story and writing diary entries using features such as past tense, -ed endings on verbs and adverbs of time.

Spring 1


Pesky Pirates! 


This half term, we will be dressing like pirates, talking like pirates and singing sea shanties! 

We have already begun our PE lessons learning some pirate dance moves and linking them together to Pirate songs.We have also been learning how to make moving pirate pictures using different directional lever mechanisms.


We have also been reading lots of Pirate stories and are learning a story map of our class text Pirate Pete ready to innovate it to create our own Pirate stories! 



Autumn 2


Fire! Fire!


To kick start our second topic of the year, the children in Year 1 and 2 took part in a fireworks experience morning where we all got dressed up in our coats, hats and scarves, watched fireworks and ate hot dogs. We thought of exciting adjectives to describe the different senses we were experiencing. We then used these adjectives to write some noun adjective poems about the fireworks. 


In History, we learnt a lot about Thomas Pepys and his bakery in 1666 and how it set London on fire! We decided to test out what happened by making our own '1666 London' and the firefighters came to set it alight! This was very exciting but scary! 


Autumn 1

Twisted Tales


In Key Stage One, the children discovered a den in the corridor! The mystery visitor left interesting clues such as pigs ears, sticks and bricks. Alongside these, a diary was left which told us that a grandma, a little girl and three pigs had been eaten! 


After looking at the evidence carefully, the children discovered that it must have been the BIG BAD WOLF! 


During the half term, the children were sent a variety of Science and Design Technology tasks from the three little pigs cousins. 


The children were relieved when we were sent a letter from the police to say that the Big Bad Wolf had been captured! We had a Fairy Tale dress up day and a party to celebrate! 




At Meadow Farm we are committed to establish strong links between home and school. We know that children who are supported at home by family achieve well. As well as other enrichment activities, we know that homework plays a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment. Therefore, we ask that you plan time in during the week to encourage your child to complete homework tasks. In Year 1, your child will receive homework tasks on a Friday, due in on the following Thursday to be marked. 


The homework expectations in Year One are: 


Reading- We aim to change your child's reading book every week. Please ensure you read with your child 3 times a week and write in their reading diaries. Please discuss the books with your children, ask them questions to develop their comprehension and try to correct reading errors where possible. The children also love reading eggs and this encourages the children to practice their reading. Please record any reading eggs activity in their reading diaries also. 


Spelling- We will be learning a new Year 1 spelling rule or practicing our common exception words ("tricky words") in our spellings each week. Please encourage your child to practice these as many times as possible during the week ready for our spelling test on a Friday. Any child who achieves 100% on their spellings will receive a Super Speller Award! 


Maths- Every week your child will be reflecting on their maths learning from the week in their homework. Your child should already know the skills required to complete this homework as independently as possible and this is their opportunity to apply these new skills. I appreciate that this is not always possible so thank you in advance for any support you provide your child in completing this task! 

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