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We are 15 clever, creative and ambitious children who love to learn and develop! Take a look through our exciting class page to find out what we've been learning.

Spring 2

I went to visit a farm one day...


This half term, we focused on two main stories "Farmer Duck" and "The Little Red Hen". We discussed both books in detail, and we used props, such as puppets to help us to verbally retell each story. As a class, we discussed the types of animals that might live on a farm, and the characteristics they have (where they live, how many legs they have, etc). During the final two weeks of this half term, we looked at the season of Spring and Easter. We discussed the changes that happen during Spring, as well as learning about the life cycle of a hen. We learnt about the Easter story, and why and how Christians celebrate Easter.

Spring 2: Letters

Spring 1

What a Wonderful World!


This half term, we focused on two main stories "Katie goes to London" and "Handa's Surprise". We began the half term by finding out about the capital of England, London. We had discussions on how London and Chaddesden are similar and different. We moved onto exploring the Arctic, discussing the animals that live there and the extreme weather conditions. We took a deeper look Africa, Italy and Poland, where we examined the food and culture in each place. We ended the half term by learning about Pancake Day and Chinese New Year. We tasted both pancakes and Chinese food, as well as learning about the Chinese New Year race story, and how people celebrate Chinese New Year.

Spring 1: Letters

Autumn 2

Let's Celebrate!


This half term, we focused on two main texts "Lighting a Lamp" and "The Jolly Christmas Postman". We began the half term by learning all about the 5th of November, Bonfire Night. We even held our own Bonfire Night with hot dogs and sparklers! We learnt about celebrations from different cultures, such as Remembrance Day, Diwali and birthdays. We planned and held a birthday party for Kipper's birthday! Towards the end of the half term, we learnt all about Christmas. We learnt about the Christmas story involving Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. We also performed our nativity, which was posted onto Class Dojo. We ended the half term with an EYFS Christmas party, with a very special visitor!

Autumn 1

Marvellous Me!


This half term, we looked at two main texts 'Peace at Last' and 'Oliver's Vegetables'. We began the topic by looking at ourselves, our bodies and our senses. We moved onto looking at our family, home and people who we consider to be special. Towards the end of this half term, we looked at what it means to be fit and healthy, using the story of 'Oliver's Vegetables' to support this. We even tasted different fruit and vegetables too! In the final week of this half term, we will took an in-depth look at Autumn, by discussing the changes during this season.


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