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Reading at Meadow Farm

Reading is the gateway for children, that makes all other learning possible.

Reading at Meadow Farm Community Primary School


A Whole School Approach

Each half-term, every class at Meadow Farm uses a high quality text at an appropriate level as a basis for much of the curriculum, which helps to make meaningful links between subject areas. Immersing children fully in the world of a story helps to foster enthusiasm for reading. It also means that, by the end of Key Stage 2, every child will have read a variety of high quality and challenging novels. Each teacher reads aloud to their class on a daily basis and constantly look for ways to inspire readers. As a result children are able to talk confidently about genres and authors they enjoy.


Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Reading is a multi-faceted skill. Our phonics approach enables children to make the best start with decoding and phonological awareness, leading to word recognition via our Little Wandle Programme (Please see 'Our Approach to Phonics' section of the website for more information). The teaching of reading throughout school is designed to build on this, providing opportunities for children to learn and practise comprehension and fluency skills, using the National Curriculum as our framework. We have a clear progression which sets out, for each year group, what provision is made for 1:1 reading, through reading practice sessions and whole class teaching of reading skills. To ensure your child becomes a proficient reader we ensure they are able to comprehend and make connections within a text and draw meaningful conclusions from it. Progression is actively monitored of reading through explicit teaching of the two components of reading; language comprehension and word recognition in line with the Scarborough's Reading Rope with the aim of helping children become active, reflective readers. The in-depth progression can be found in the English sections of the website.


Scarborough's Reading Rope

Please see our policy document below which exemplifies our ‘Meadow Farm Way’ for reading, outlining our intent, implementation and impact.

How to support your child to read at home. Advice from the Education Endowment Foundation.

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