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Year 2 - The Little Einsteins

The Little Einstein class consist of 18 clever, ambitious pupils with a thirst for new knowledge.

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Home Learning! 

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of Covid-19, the Year 2 children have been busy staying safe and doing their learning at home. We are using Class Dojo to set work and provide help and information to parents and carers.

Have a look at some of the exciting learning we've been doing... 

Spring 2

 Vile Victorians


The year 2 children traveled back in time to explore the Victorian era. To help us to fully

appreciate what life was like for a Victorian Child we dressed up as Victorians, were given old Victorian names, had a number of themed afternoons, as well as going to visit Sudbury Childhood Museum.


During our Victorian schoolroom afternoon we had to abide by the very strict classroom rules. After having our hands and fingernails inspected we practised the three R’s, reading, writing and arithmetics. Some children found it difficult to follow the rules and were punished. Some children had to sit in the corner and wear the dunce hat, others had to wear the finger guards and back brace and some even got some lashes (don’t worry we were just pretending - no one actually got hurt). We finished our lesson with drills. We all agreed that school for Victorian children was not fun like it is now!


On other afternoons, we pretended to be either poor or rich Victorians. We work really hard as poor children doing the laundry, polishing shoes and making delicious cakes for the rich children. We were very disappointed when we were not allowed any cake for ourselves. We all agreed that being rich was far more enjoyable for children as during this afternoon we learned how to ballroom dance, played old Victorian games and finally got to eat some  mouth-watering cake!  


We’ve had an awesome day at Sudbury Childhood Museum too. We had another Victorian lesson, did the laundry, climbed the chimney and played with lots of old and new toys. The day whizzed by! 

Spring 1

 ☠️ Pesky Pirates! ☠️

Ahoy me hearties!!!  Because pirates use lots of wonderful and weird vocabulary, we started our topic by learning how to talk like a pirate! In PE, we had lots of fun learning how to move like strong buccaneers and learned new dance techniques such as the canon and mirroring. Our class quality text, 'Pirate Pete' by Kim Kennedy, kept us very entertained and we innovated the middle part of the story to write new versions. These included Pete visiting new islands such as Chocolate Island, Pokemon Island and Unicorn Island. In our grammar lessons, we practised using noun phrases and conjunctions, as well as learning how to use direct speech in our writing. In DT, we developed our knowledge around mechanisms and explored using vertical and horizontal sliders and pivot points before creating our own pirate moving pictures. Towards the end of our topic we had our very own Pirate Day where we dressed like pirates, made maps, learned positional and directional language, played pirate games and sang sea shanties. We ended the day by having our own pirate treasure hunt where we all found lots o'gold!!! 



Autumn 2

🔥 Fire! Fire! 🔥

To kick start the topic the children enjoyed taking part in a firework experience morning. They put their coats, hats and scarves on to get cosy, watched a firework display on the board and ate sizzling sausages. Throughout the activity the children thought of fun and exciting adjectives to describe nouns at a firework events. They then used these adjectives to write their very own descriptive poetry, using noun phrases.


In History, we learnt about Thomas Pepys and his bakery in 1666 and how it set London on fire! We worked hard to write historical recounts that we then performed as news reporters. We decided to test out what happened by making our own '1666 London' and the firefighters came to set it alight! This really helped to bring our learning to life! 

Autumn 1 

📚 Twisted Tales 📚

The children made a shocking discovery in key stage 1! They found a den in the corridor with lots of suspicious items in. Amongst the den we found hay, twigs and a brick! We then discovered some diary entries that told us that this creature had eaten not only a grandma and little girl but also three pigs! It didn’t like the tails or ears as they were gristly so he spat them out in this den! Disgusting!


After looking closely at all the evidence, our little detectives decided that our visitor had to be THE BIG BAD WOLF!


Throughout the topic the children were sent a number of Science and Design and Technology challenges from the Three Little Pig's cousins. They were relieved when they received a letter that explained that the Big Bad Wolf had finally been caught! To celebrate they had a Fairy Tale dress up day and a tea party.

🏠 Homework 🏠


At Meadow Farm we are committed to establish strong links between home and school. We know that children who are supported at home by family achieve well. As well as other enrichment activities, we know that homework plays a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment. Therefore, we ask that you plan time in during the week to encourage your child to complete homework tasks. In year 2 we will send homework out on a Friday and expect it to be handed in by the following Thursday to be marked.


The homework expectations in year 2 are as follows:

  • Reading - Please listen to your child read and sign their reading record 3 times each week. Reading with your child gives them confidence to read in school– please correct reading errors where possible and ask questions/have discussions about the story and characters. Please also encourage your child to go on Reading Eggs each week to complete their homework task. Please record any Reading Egg Activity in their reading records.
  • Spelling – Please encourage your child to practise their spellings each week. Use the speller’s homework menu (in homework folder) for fun ways to practise spellings at home!
  • Maths – A maths activity will be sent home each week for your child to complete. This will be something relating to the learning they have completed in class, so it is a chance to practise and apply their new skills.


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