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PE Funding

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport, to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. Funding has been allocated to all maintained and state-funded schools with primary phase pupils from 1 September 2013. This funding has continued into 2019/20


Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.


To see how we much funding we have received for this academic year and how we plan to spend the funding within our school, please see below.


Sport Premium Development Action Plan  

2019 – 2020

Where we are now?

  • We have achieved our school games mark bronze award KI1-5
  • More of our pupils are taking part in extra curricular sporting and physical activity each week (at least 20% of our pupils) KI1
  • More of our pupils are taking part in competitive opportunities KI5

Identified areas of relative strength

  • The vast majority of pupils are engaged and well behaved in  PE lessons KI2/3
  • Most pupils have a good understanding of healthy life choices KI1
  • A good proportion of pupils have the opportunity to attend a variety of competitions throughout the year KI5
  • Good equipment available overall. KI 1
  • We have access to a strong PE network in Derby city. KI2/3
  • We draw on the support of wider specialist coaching to enhance our provision including local clubs. KI4

Identified areas for improvement

  • Further engagement in competitive sports to involve more pupils KI5
  • Further engagement in opportunities of offer via the School Sport Partnership KI4
  • Continue to develop a wider holistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle KI2
  • Continue to build staff confidence in PE teaching through participation in CPD KI3

Development foci

  • Our overall aim is to achieve the school games mark silver award. KI1-5
  • At least 35% of our pupils to take part in extra curriculuar activity every week. KI1
  • 10% of our least active pupils to take up extra curricular activity at the start of the year, sustained over a term. KI1
  • Whole school and targeted individual CPD across the PE curriculum with new staff  KI3
  • The development of an active breakfast club and wider pupil leadership groups KI5
  • Promote the school games every half term in our school newsletter KI2
  • Develop active links with at least three local community and pathways sport/physical activity and leisure providers.

Total Sport Premium funding for school in 2019 - 2020

£17, 550

Cost of development programme outlined below






Priority -Objective



Success Criteria

Monitoring & Evaluation

Provide opportunities to skill up new staff to deliver high quality PE lessions via support from DCCT coaches. KI3

Observation of specialist coaching sessions.


CPD external participation in training courses.


Support via the PE leader.



Greater confidence to deliver PE sessions.

Sustainability built in.

High quality PE sessions delivered.

Good outcomes for pupils in relation to skill development.

PE leader will carry out:


Planning scrutiny

Observation of lessons

Evaluations of any external training via staff discussion

Organise and evaluate the provision of any specialist coaching in relation to impact.

Learning walks in relation to PE

Ensure participation and high engagement in dance for themed event. KI4

Dance teacher to support staff/coach to deliver themed dances linked to the derby city dance event.



High engagement and enjoyment in dance.


Develop and refine performance skills via participation in competition.

PE leader will ensure:


Access to the specialist teacher for all pupils

High engagement through promotion of the dance event and after school club.

To ensure sufficient training and release time for the PE leader to be effective in her role. KI2

Release time for the PE leader to monitor standards in her subject and ensure the delivery of active PE lessons.


Leadership of PE is good.


Impact is measured and reported.

The PE leader will:

Planning scrutiny

Observation of lessons

Evaluations of any external training via staff discussion

Organise and evaluate the provision of any specialist coaching in relation to impact.

Learning walks in relation to PE

To improve resources so that pupils can be active in all lessons KI1

Purchase of supplementary stock for PE.




PE lessons are adequately resourced to support the delivery of a good lesson.



PE leader will:

Supplement stock as appropriate.

Monitor the delivery of PE lessons to ensure resources are adequate.



To support outdoor learning opportunities. KI4



Support for pupils to participate in our outdoor activity visits.

Abseiling/bouldering etc. Linked to school residential visits.


Y5/6 to engage in Bikeability.


Team building/confidence building for pupils is evident.

Pupils ride a bike safely and competently.


PE leader will:

Plan a range of outdoor activities and opportunities.

Seek to ensure all Y6 pupils participate.

Monitor take up and participation rates

Evaluate the programme

Take part in more competitive sports and wider opportunities to enrich PE. KI5

Participation in a wide range of activities that are competitive/non competitive.


To inspire pupils to get into sport.






Pupils are inspired to engage in sport.


High levels of motivation via competitiveness of events. Pupil pride in achievements.

PE leader:


Monitor the number of pupils involved.

Evaluate the success of events.

Seek out opportunities to meet with inspirational sporting stars.

To run and promote breakfast club with a focus on developing a healthy lifestyle. KI1

Run a daily breakfast club that has a focus on staying healthy through the promotion of healthy eating and being active.



Inc resources

Pupils who attend breakfast club will engage in active sessions daily.

Take up of breakfast club will be high and well promoted.

Pupils who attend will make healthy food choices.

PE leader (in conjunction with breakfast club lead) will:


Monitor levels of engagement

Monitor attitudes towards leading a healthy lifestyle

Monitor participation rates

Invite pupils to the club who would benefit from engaging.

To enter 2 football leagues, a 5 a side and a 7 a side league. KI5

Y5/6 children will form a football team and compete in a 5 a side league for 10 weeks at JJB. The 7 a side league runs from September- October half term and then again from February-Easter. The children will have chance to compete against different schools within our local area. Competition results will be shared and celebrated in assemblies.

£80 for membership for the 5 a side league.


£35 for 7 a side

Children will feel motivated to be part of a team. Their football skills will be increased. Children’s sportsmanship and self-esteem will be developed.

The PE leader will:


Publish our successes in the school newsletter and Class Dojo

Monitor the success of the team and report back to pupils/staff in assemblies.

Develop pupil leadership skills– lunchtime leaders/pupil ambassadors KI1

Pupils to participate in leadership activities to promote sport and activity to other pupils.




Pupils will be positively contributing to the school ethos.


Pupils will develop pupil leadership skills.

The PE leader will:


Evaluate the success of this programme via discussion with pupils and the pupil group leader.

To purchase PE uniform/team kit for competitive sports. KI5

Purchase uniform to promote pupils when participating in competitive sport.

To develop pride in our achievements.


Pupils will be inspired to compete and enjoy being part of the MF team. Pupils will be proud to represent the school.

The PE leader will:


Purchase necessary resources and monitor the impact.

To keep up to date and access a wide range of PE opportunities KI2/KI4

Buy into the Derby City SSP affiliation.


Attend relevant training. Seek advice and support.





Up to date knowledge and expertise


Strong support for the school in terms of CPD.

The PE leader will:


Participate in training as appropriate to ensure she is fully compliant with the PE funding expectations.

Ensure we are accessing the best opportunities for pupils.

To provide top up swimming sessions so pupils reach end of Key stage expectations for swimming.


Planned sessions over the summer half term to meet the requirements of end of KS2 swimming.


100% of pupils in Y6 can swim 25 m in a recognisable stroke.


100% of pupils can

The PE leader will:


Monitor the swimming outcomes for pupils

Direct target group pupils to swimming sessions

Ensure participation rates are high.

Report outcomes in the PE plan.

To provide more sporting clubs at lunchtime and after school.


Buy in coaches from the SSP to supplement our after school clubs on offer.


Clubs to link in with competitions attending.


At least 20% of the school population will engage in sporting after school clubs.

The PE leader will:


Monitor participation rates so that this target is achieved.

Audit pupil views so that clubs meet the requests of pupils and are well attended.

Ensure pupils are well prepared to take part in competitions.


Engage is wider school based educational programmes.


SSP to deliver the following sessions:


+ sport, move and learn

PSHE resilient rammie

Communication and listening skills


Pupil engagement is high.


Targetted support directly meets the needs of different year groups.

The PE leader will:


Provide a report to evaluate the impact of each programme.

Liaise with the classteacher to measure impact of the sessions.


    Reporting of outcomes for swimming in Y6 – September 19


Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety




What percentage of your current Y6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?

87% (17% more pupils than the previous year)

What percentage of your current Y6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively?


What percentage of your current Y6 cohort perform safe self rescue in different water based situations?

68% (24% more pupils than the previous year)

Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?



                                                  Key for Key performance indicators (KIs)

Key indicator 1 (KI1)

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

Key Indicator 2 (KI2)

The profile of PE and Sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Key Indicator 3 (KI3)

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff to teach PE and Sport

Key Indicator 4 (KI4)

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Key Indicator 5 (KI5)

Increased participation in competitive sport


Funding spent on each KPI


                                                                   KPI 1           £8950

                                                                   KPI 2           £2300

                                                                   KPI 3           £1500

                                                                   KPI 4           £2600

                                                                   KPI 5           £2040




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